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Choose sociology at Loyola University New Orleans and you’ll get more than an education; you’ll be immersed into the world and community. You’ll thrive in an environment where the faculty is not only accessible, but involved—where informal workshops and social activities encourage building knowledge and relationships.

Get your degree in sociology

  • Designed for students wanting to prepare for graduate school, careers in social services or social policy formation, or for a multitude of positions working within their community.
  • 120 credit hours to complete a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. See degree plan
  • 22 credit hours to complete a minor in Sociology. See degree plan

Curriculum Tracks

The sociology department offers three tracks or concentrations within the major for students who wish to specialize in one of the discipline's core subfields. Students do not have to choose a track or concentration and can graduate with a general sociology degree. The concentration areas are as follows:

This innovation responds both to job market demands for professionals with a recognized area of expertise and student demands for an undergraduate education with a clear professional identity that will increase their competitiveness in applying for jobs and graduate school. 

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