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Prospective Students

Thinking critically, acting justly

Working, striving, and excelling are all par for the course in the College of Social Sciences, where you’ll find nationally recognized programs and award-winning student organizations, offering a unique combination of academic challenges and real-life experiences.

The College of Social Sciences was named one of the Great Schools for Communications Majors and Great Schools for Journalism Majors by the Princeton Review. Our student publications and teams have won numerous national awards for excellence, like the Pacemaker Award, considered the most prestigious award in student journalism.

The College of Social Sciences also has one of the first Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs in the country designed for working RNs. And our Criminal Justice program is the oldest in the region. In 2010, the School of Nursing will offer the first doctorate practice degree in the state (DNP).

Pursue an undergraduate degree in criminal justice, liberal studies, mass communication, nursing, political science, and sociology. You can also obtain master’s degrees in counseling, criminal justice, nursing, religious education, and pastoral studies. Whatever your choice, the College of Social Sciences will push you to move beyond the books.

Thought into action

The College of Social Sciences helps students and community members alike.

  • The Jesuit Social Research Institute aims at realizing tangible results contributing to the solution of problems that continue to plague the southern region of the United States such as migration, poverty, and racism.
  • The Twomey Center for Peace Through Justice shapes social justice consciousness through education and takes action on critical social issues confronting society—poverty, racism, violence, and education.
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