RN-to-MSN in Health Care Systems Management Admission Requirements

Students may apply for admission to the RN-to-MSN option in Health Care Systems Management (HCSM) for the MSN program. In this option, students complete requirements for both the BSN and MSN degrees. In order to apply for RN-to-MSN program, students must first apply for the BSN program and declare their intent to pursue an RN-to-MSN degree. Indicate your program preference on the Online Supplemental Data Form.

As a condition of the BSN application process, all applicants must review and provide the following:
  1. Submit a BSN undergraduate admission application through Nursing CAS.

  2. A graduate of an associate degree or diploma nursing program from an accredited school is first admitted to the Loyola BSN program and classified as a “BSN” student.

  3. Official transcripts from each colleges/university attended submitted through Nursing CAS.

  4. A minimum GPA of 2.0. If GPA is lower than 2.00, please see Provisional Admission below.

  5. A current unencumbered Registered Nurse license. (Submit via Online Supplemental Date Form below)

  6. Certified background check: Sixty days prior to enrollment, you are required to apply for a certified background review, at your expense, by a provider designated (www.certifiedbackground.com) by Loyola University New Orleans (School Code: LO22) with the results reported to Loyola University New Orleans School of Nursing.

  7. Upon admission to the BSN program, a student will be advised to first complete most core, adjunct, and elective courses.

  8.   Online Supplemental Data Form. (In addition to CAS application form). If the link does not open, please contact Elena Ransom at eransom@loyno.edu or (504) 865-2499.

In the final year of the of the BSN program or in the semester prior to taking the first 700-level nursing course, the students must apply for the MSN program. Admission to the MSN program is competitive and based on the student’s overall academic record.

As a condition of the MSN application process, all applicants must review and provide the following:
  1. Submit a MSN-HCSM graduate admission application through Nursing CAS and all supplemental material required by this program.

  2. Submit a “Request for Authorization to take 700-Level Courses” form which may be obtained from the School of Nursing.

  3. Have a 3.0 or higher GPA on all course work.

  4. Students will take a combination of undergraduate and graduate nursing courses in the final year of the BSN program and complete all other BSN requirements before officially starting the MSN program.

Following authorization to take 700-level courses, the student is reclassified from a “BSN” student to a “RN-to-MSN” student. The change in classification is required to allow students to be enrolled in any 700-level nursing course. (NOTE: 700-level courses carry graduate tuition.) Following re-classification as an RN-to-MSN student, the student completes the remaining undergraduate and graduate nursing courses leading to the BSN degree.

Provisonal Admission

The RN student whose grade point average is lower than that required for general admission (2.00) will be admitted on a provisional basis and allowed to register for courses. Successful completion of two semesters with a satisfactory grade point average of 2.0 (“C”) or better will remove probationary status.

Transfer Credits

Students who have earned academic credit at another accredited college or university may be allowed to transfer a maximum of six credit hours into the M.S.N. program. In all cases, course work will be evaluated for equivalence to Loyola requirements; therefore, students must provide course descriptions and/or other supporting materials to assist faculty in the evaluation process.

Licensure Requirements

Each student must sign a declaration stating that she/he has a current, unencumbered, unrestricted, and valid registered nurse license and there are no grounds for disciplinary proceedings. If at any point during the program a student’s R.N. license becomes encumbered or restricted, the student is obligated to immediately inform the director of the School of Nursing

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