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The School of Nursing offers an online non-clinical track in the Master of Science in Nursing in Health Care Systems Management (MSN-HCSM) program to prepare nurse managers.

The School of Nursing also offers a Bridge to Leadership Education for Nurses at a Distance (BLEND) Program (MSN Bridge) which is a two-course program designed specifically for active RN’s with non-nursing bachelor’s degrees who would like to enroll in the online MSN with specialization in Health Care Systems Management (MSN-HCSM) program

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Health Care Systems Management Overview

Leadership Strategies Every Nurse Leader Needs
Focused on leadership strategies, the emphasis in Health Care Systems Management covers all aspects of nursing administration. From disease prevention and health promotion to workforce management, the online MSN-HCSM provides the flexibility to address challenges and professional opportunities as a nursing manager, director or healthcare executive.


BLEND to MSN Health Care Systems Management (BLEND - MSN HCSM) Program Overview

Leverage Your Nursing Experience and Non-Nursing Bachelor Degree to Enter a Top-Ranking MSN
Bridge Programs are developed for nurses who have already earned an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing, but wish to purse their graduate degree in nursing. The programs are designed to “bridge” your professional nursing experience and training with the foundational knowledge you need to be successful in a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program.

To be admitted to the MSN program, the RN must complete Loyola’s BLEND Program (MSN Bridge) which is comprised of two 3-credit courses (NURS 482 & NURS 483) that serve as prerequisites to 700-level (graduate) nursing courses.


RN to MSN Overview

  • *Applications for the RN to BSN and the RN to MSN programs are not being accepted at this time.

The RN to MSN option is available to qualified students who plan to pursue a graduate degree at Loyola in the Health Care Systems Management (HCSM) program. RN to MSN students who complete the HCSM program will receive both the BSN degree and MSN degree. The RN to MSN option allows students to substitute two MSN graduate-level nursing courses (6 semester credit hours) for lower level BSN undergraduate nursing courses. The benefit to the student is that 6 semester hours of MSN graduate course work are applied to the BSN degree, leaving fewer hours left to complete the MSN degree. Students who take graduate (700-level) nursing courses, while completing BSN curriculum requirements, pay graduate tuition for the 700-level courses.

Upon entry into the nursing program, students are asked to declare an intention to pursue either the BSN degree or the RN to MSN option.

For more information on admission requirements for the RN to MSN option, click here.


Applying to the Online MSN Program

Students are admitted into the MSN program based on a thorough review of all materials provided to the School of Nursing. Students may be admitted unconditionally or provisionally.

Graduate Admission

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