Health Care Systems Management Program

The H.C.S.M. program focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a variety of leadership positions in health care organizations. The the MSN-HCSM requires 36 credit hours of graduate coursework.

NURS 703 Theories in Health Care Systems
NURS 709 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
NURS 711 Informatics
NURS 712 Nursing Financial Resources I
NURS 716 Health Care Quality and Safety
NURS 724 Outcomes Measurement and Data Management
NURS 732 Population Health Management
NURS 735 Advanced Research Methods
NURS 740 Health Care Systems
NURS 744 Nursing Financial Resources II
NURS 748 Human Resource Management
NURS 752 Health Cares Systems Residency

*H.C.S.M. Practicum: A preceptor model of mentorship will be used in which care managers and nurse managers in local and regional health care organizations play a substantial role in the practical component of the program.

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