Adult Nurse Practicioner Program

The Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) Adult Nurse Practitioner curriculum is 39 semester credit hours in length. In addition to theoretical course work, the program requires direct, hands-on client contact in a variety of ambulatory settings.


Core Courses 
NURS C700 Theoretical Perspectives in Nursing
NURS C735 Advanced Research Methods
NURS C740 Health Care Systems
NURS C765 Research in Advanced Nursing Practice


Cognate Courses 
NURS C705 Advanced Health Assessment
NURS C706 Advanced Health Assessment Practicum
NURS C710 Advanced Pathophysiology I
NURS C715 Advanced Pathophysiology II
NURS C720 Advanced Pharmacology I
NURS C722 Advanced Pharmacology II


Major Courses 
NURS C725 Primary Care Concepts
NURS C745 Primary Care I: Theory
NURS C750 Primary Care II: Theory
NURS C772 A.N.P. Practicum I
NURS C775 A.N.P. Practicum II
NURS C776 A.N.P. Practicum III


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Exit Examination

An exit examination, similar in form to the adult nurse or family nurse practitioner certification examination, is a required component of the last primary care theory course, NURS C750: Primary Care II (A.N.P.) or NURS C755: Primary Care III (F.N.P.). In order to receive a passing grade in NURS C750 or NURS C755 (that is, a grade of “B” or higher), the student must pass the exit examination. Students will be given three opportunities to pass the exit examination. If the student does not pass the examination after three attempts, the student will receive a grade of “C” in NURS C750 or NURS C755 regardless of any other grades achieved in the course. In keeping with the graduate program progression policy, the student will then be required to repeat NURS C750 or NURS C755.

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