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Strategic Communications

At Loyola, we know that persuasive communications happens in both the advertising and public relations worlds and that's why we've put both under the strategic communications sequence. Students in the Strategic Communications Sequence can study either advertising or public relations. Students take a mini core of courses including layout and design, research methods and the campaigns capstone.


The advertising track is perfect for students who want to channel their creative energy into dynamic and persuasive campaigns.  The program offers a strong foundation in research methods and copywriting as well as giving students hands-on experience with innovative technology. Our advertising graduates are recognized by the industry for their sharp strategic minds and keen eye for design. Contact the sequence chair, Dr. Cathy Rogers, at for more information. 

Public Relations 

Public relations is an excellent track for students who want to develop professional communication skills and the expertise needed to facilitate mutual understanding among groups and institutions. Loyola's program offers a strong foundation in media, internal and external relations. Graduates excel in roles within businesses, government, hospitals, education, nonprofit and religious institutions. Contact the sequence chair, Dr. Cathy Rogers, at for more information.  

Mass communication course information

Communication majors are limited to 40 credit hours in mass communication courses. A grade of C or better is required in all courses that are prerequisites to advanced courses.

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