Master of Criminal Justice

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Why a Master of Criminal Justice degree?

Criminal justice and private security are one of the fastest growing areas in terms of employment, and an advanced degree is becoming a necessity. The Master of Criminal Justice degree program responds to the need for professionally-trained criminal justice administrators, planners and researchers as well as private security professionals.

The Master of Criminal Justice curriculum at Loyola is 30 credit hours. Courses are taught year round (spring, summer, and fall semesters) with courses available at night in an eight-week format (one night a week per course). Find out more about admissions to the graduate program in criminal justice.

Degree Requirements
Total 30
CRJU 700 Theories of Criminal Behavior 3 crs.
CRJU 705 Seminar in Criminal Justice 3 crs.
CRJU 710 Research and Statistical Methods 3 crs.
CRJU 712 Graduate Statistics 3 crs.
CRJU 720 Seminar in Criminal Justice Administration II 3 crs.
CRJU 800 Selected Problems in Criminal Justice 3 crs.
CRJU 805 Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation 3 crs.
CRJU 850 Seminar in Criminology 3 crs.
CRJU 893 Directed Readings in Criminal Justice 3 crs.
CRJU 900 Master's Research and Practicum 3 crs.
CRJU 991 Comprehensive Exam 0 crs.

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