Bachelor of Criminal Justice

The undergraduate criminal justice program provides a multidisciplinary study of the structure, administration, and dynamics of the criminal justice system. The system, a network of agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, is composed of law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and the private/corporate criminal justice sector. Courses examine components of the criminal justice system and provoke critical thinking on the competing ideologies of crime and correction.

Major Requirements
Total 120 crs.
CRJU 105 Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems 3 crs.
CRJU 110 Criminology 3 crs.
CRJU 218 Criminal Procedure 3 crs.
CRJU 250 Juvenile Delinquincy 3 crs.
CRJU 275 Deviant Behavior 3 crs.
CRJU 300 Research Methods - Criminology 3 crs.
CRJU 330 Corrections Institutions 3 crs.
CRJU 365 Program Planning and Evaluation in Criminal Justice 3 crs.
CRJU 405 Criminal Law 3 crs.
  CRJU Major Electives 9 crs.
  Required Adjunct Courses 9 crs.
CRJU 260 Statistics in Criminal Justice 3 crs.
PSYC Elective 3 crs.
SOCI Elective 3 crs.
  Core Courses 42 crs.
  Electives 33 crs.

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