Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program has a strong social science research component, directed toward evaluating the effectiveness of criminal justice and other auxiliary programs. Students are provided with the skills to conduct original research and to critique agency generated research. A bachelor degree in criminal justice provides students with a well-rounded social science degree that can be used for entry into various criminal justice careers. Many students also find the program is an excellent pre-law curriculum.

Major Requirements
Total 120 crs.
CRJU 105 Introduction to Criminal Justice System 3 crs.
CRJU 110 Criminology: Fundamentals (or SOCI A215: Criminal Behavior) 3 crs.
CRJU 218 Criminal Procedure 3 crs.
CRJU 250 Juvenile Delinquency (or SOCI A315: Delinquency and Justice) 3 crs.
CRJU 275 Deviant Behavior 3 crs.
CRJU 300 Research Methods - Criminology 3 crs.
CRJU 330 Correctional Institutions 3 crs.
CRJU 365 Program Planning and Evaluation in Criminal Justice 3 crs.
CRJU 405 Criminal Law 3 crs.
  Major Electives 12 crs.
  Adjunct Courses 9 crs.
  Statistics in Criminal Justice 3 crs.
  PSYC Elective 3 crs.
  SOCI Elective 3 crs.
  Common Curriculum 48 crs.
  Foreign Language 6 crs.
  General Electives 21 crs.

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