Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Loyola University New Orleans offers a CACREP-accredited program that qualifies students to be Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) in the state of Louisiana. Within this program, students receive hands on learning experiences working with hired actors playing the role of their client. This allows students to practice their counseling skills in a safe environment where they can learn from their triumphs and mistakes. In addition, students receive instruction from professors actively involved in the field in both practice and research. Each faculty member teaches and practices in their own area of expertise. Class sizes are limited to 15 students per class to allow students a focused learning experience and quality instruction.

Dual Degree Programs

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Loyola University is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). The accreditation cycle runs through October 2015 at which time the program will seek to renew the accreditation. (Note: The Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program is currently accredited under the 2001 Standards for Community Counseling Programs as a Community Counseling program.  The 2009 Standards combine the Standards for Community Counseling Programs and Standards for Mental Health Counseling Programs into Standards for Clinical Mental Health Counseling Programs.  The counseling program intends to seek accreditation for this program when it comes up for reaccreditation, per CACREP guidelines.)

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Degree Requirements

Required Core Courses (7 Hrs.) Credit Hrs.
CNSL A702 Research and Statistical Methods in Counseling 3
CNSL A704 Research Writing Lab 1
CNSL A706 Philosophy and Counseling 3
Required Counseling Courses (44 Hrs.)
CNSL A725 Lifespan Development 3
CNSL A776 Measurement and Assessment 3
CNSL A830 Counseling Theories 3
CNSL A835 Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3
CNSL A836 Individual Counseling Skills Lab 1
CNSL A840 Group Counseling 3
CNSL A841 Vocational Counseling 3
CNSL A842 Multicultural Counseling 3
CNSL A843 Group Counseling Skills Lab 1
CNSL A864 Ethics in Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling 3
CNSL A854 Child Diagnosis and Treatment 3
CNSL A855 Adult Diagnosis and Treatment 3
CNSL A863 Fundamentals of Practicum and Internship 3
CNSL A865 Practicum 3
CNSL A866 Internship I 3
CNSL A866 Internship II 3
Elective Courses (9 Hrs.)
CNSL A837 Counseling Children: Play Therapy 3
CNSL A845 Systemic Substance Abuse 3
CNSL A849 Activity Group Therapy 3
CNSL A850 Introduction to Family Counseling 3
CNSL A851 School Counseling 3
CNSL A852 Marriage and Couples Counseling 3
CNSL A853 Child/Parent Relationship Therapy
CNSL A862 Family Systems 3
CNSL A865 Clinical Thanatology: Death and Dying 3
CNSL A894 Experimental Courses (with adviser’s approval) 3

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